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Obtaining Official ID Tags and Using Them Correctly

To obtain your own 840 tags RFID tags, you must register for a premise ID through the USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Service

Once you have a premise ID tag, you will be able to order and place your own 840 tags in your animal's ears after purchasing the tags through an authorized supplier. Follow the link below for one option.

We can provide 840 tags for cattle and sheep, but it is always better to have your own.

Sheep and goats should be identified primarily through the scrapie identification tag program for more information follow the link below

We are NOT able to provide scrapie tags for your sheep or goat.

When ordering official 840 tags, note that some options will allow for a Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) and some will not. The latter tend to be a bit less expensive, but they also won't work be accepted in every circumstance. A true RFID is universally accepted world-wide.

The difference is that an RFID tag can be read with a radio scanner.

Metal ID tags should no longer be used. This antiquated ID system is being phased out by the federal government, and many local jurisdictions no longer recognize this identification system. Most shows will not allow animals to use this form of Identification and animals born after 2015 aren't grandfathered into the system by the Federal Government

When placed properly it is rare for an 840 tag to require replacement, many tag providers now allow ordering of customized tag numbers to facilitate replacing a lost tag with an identical number

replacing lost tags with a different number may be problematic for the registration of the animal and traceability of the animal within the system. Tags should NOT be removed or replaced

Unlike metal tags 840 tags are unlikely to grow into the ear or cause infection.

It is illegal to place multiple official ID forms in an animal. There should rarely ever be more than one ID in an animal born prior to 2015 and NEVER in one born after.

Putting multiple ID forms in an animal and parading it around a ring is the equivalent of putting a billboard in front of your operation that says...we pride ourselves on bad management.

It is important to order official RFID tags with the US shield on them. 840 tags without RFID capability may not be official and if they don't have a US shield can't be used for exhibition or export purposes even with a US shield some shows and jurisdictions won't allow non RFID capable tags.

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